26 June 2019

Ticketing Kiosks

Ticketing kiosks from Kiosks4business The are numerous applications where a ticket or label has to be printed and issued on demand and Kiosks4business ticket dispensing kiosks are built specifically to cater to this. Many of our touchscreen kiosks have been … Read more

26 June 2019

Kiosks for University

Kiosks for University and Colleges University can be a challenging time for young people and touchscreen kiosks with our Announce24 software can help by providing support and assistance on a wide range of topics including: Travel Info Local community information … Read more

26 June 2019

Touchscreen Kiosks for Schools

Touchscreen kiosks in schools – the information provision is staggering….. Touchscreen interfaces are a familiar feature on phone, tablets and gadgets used by children and young people so it’s no surprise that if schools deploy touchscreen kiosks for information provision … Read more

26 June 2019

Leisure Centre Kiosks

Why have touchscreen kiosks in leisure centres? Kiosks can make a valuable contribution to how leisure centres work by being the means to get into the centre by paying for membership and issuing a membership card. The kiosk can be … Read more

12 May 2019

Extending Video Connections Use Fibre Optics

One solution is by converting the DVI or HDMI signal and transmit this using Cat5 cable which provides a great improvement on transmission length but still has some drawbacks regarding the ultimate length of separation that can be achieved for … Read more

11 May 2019

Kiosks, Touch Screen Kiosks and Kiosk Software

Why Have Kiosks become so Popular? As with most things, it has taken a long time for Kiosks to become commonplace. Think back to the first time you used an ATM machine? Many years, even a couple of decades ago … Read more

10 May 2019

Is the Futuristic Kiosk Already Here?

Where is the future of Touch Screen Kiosks heading? It wasn’t so long ago that having a kiosk that checked out your shopping at the supermarket seemed like a futuristic daydream, and in a short space of time most supermarket … Read more

9 May 2019

More Control For Doctors

New software for kiosks is being developed all the time to meet the requirements of the medical services. With more health departments realising the possibilities of touch screen kiosks and the benefits that they bring to both the patients and … Read more

8 May 2019

Selecting the Right Touch Screen Monitor

Unlike LCD TV screens the touch-screen monitor does not include any video decode circuitry associated with decoding satellite or terrestrial TV signals. LCD monitors do not include an aerial input through analogue monitors will include composite or YUV input signals. … Read more

7 May 2019

Why Touchscreens are Ideal for Kiosks

Due to the nature of flat screen kiosks, the interactive ‘buttons’ on the screen are virtual buttons rather than using a physical keyboard. The software running on the kiosk recognises parts of the screen as buttons that activate other functionality. … Read more

More Touchscreen Kiosk Applications