Kiosks for University and Colleges
University can be a challenging time for young people and touchscreen kiosks with our Announce24 software can help by providing support and assistance on a wide range of topics including:

  • Travel Info
  • Local community information – cinema, shops
  • Library and opening times for facilities
  • Sports facilities and bookings
  • Campus and external accommodation
  • Health – Drugs, Alcohol and sexual health advice
  • Work placements and volunteering
  • Relationships and living away from home
  • Be safe – crime reporting and advice on keeping safe
  • Contact your students’ union representative
  • Maps and guide to the university
  • Finance and budgeting

In fact the list of items that can be offered on the kiosk is endless and will be the decision of the university staff as to what to provide. Making it available on the kiosk is simplicity itself with Announce24. All information and updates can be done on a PC anywhere as long as it is connected to the internet and you have the login details to the Announce24 domain. All updates can be simultaneously made to all kiosks on the campus – or – different details on any or all kiosks – its your choice.  To run the information provision and updates on Announce24 no IT knowledge is required – just the login and what you want to change, add, update.

Websites, you choose, PDFs, videos, in fact any medium you like can be added to Announce24 for campus consumption on the kiosks.

All information provided on kiosk in Announce24  can be easily emailed back to the user if they wish. Each page has an email button where pressing it asks for the email address to send the info to. Click and the page is sent by email. Great for all kinds of information you need , have found out and would like to keep.

Touchscreen kiosks can be positioned in:

  • University Library
  • Shops, Restaurants
  • Students Unions Bars
  • University accommodation / Halls of residence
  • Outside lecture halls
  • Department reception areas

Perhaps all with different information – and all run and updated from one PC or several – your choice.

Kiosks for Students Union
Student Unions provide support services to help students during their time at University. The Students Union kiosks can enhance these services by providing information to students at the Bars, Library and Accommodation areas of the campus.  Kiosks in the student union can be large 32″ screen types playing videos or music as well as providing information at request.

  • Events and Entertainment guide
  • Bar promotions
  • Your Students Union Representatives
  • Leave feedback for the SU
  • Find out about the work of the SU
  • Information about clubs and societies
  • Places to eat
  • Sports activities

Find out more information
If you would like more information about using touchscreen information kiosks for university and colleges please call us on 0330 223 2198