Why have touchscreen kiosks in leisure centres?
Kiosks can make a valuable contribution to how leisure centres work by being the means to get into the centre by paying for membership and issuing a membership card. The kiosk can be door keeper out of hours for member to get into the centre. The kiosk can also provide a lot of information for the centre users.

Leisure centres, gyms and other sports centres are busy places with hundreds of people accessing sports facilities every day. The age range of people visiting leisure centres is from the very young with parents to the elderly and each age group can benefit from the information and advice which a touchscreen leisure centre kiosk can provide.

The leisure centre kiosks can also display videos showing how to exercise and could even be used to create a tailored exercise plan for members. The visitors could access a wide range of information using the leisure centre touchscreen kiosks.

Uses for Leisure Centre Kiosks
Some examples of the information which Leisure Centre Kiosks can be used for include:

  • Healthy lifestyles and Diet Information – on request from the kiosk
  • Book Sports facilities – using a simple booking form popular activities can be booked in advance on the kiosk
  • View exercise videos – have a particular exercise you want to do? – look it up on the kiosk and watch the short video
  • Create your own exercise plan
  • What’s on at the Leisure Centre – activities over the coming month you might like to go along to
  • Opening times
  • Gym competitions – who is competing against whom, results, prize giving and when…
  • Health advise for the Elderly – how much exercise, what type, how vigorous, what to avoid with age etc
  • leisure centre personnel – who and what are their subjects, contact detail
  • first aid and emergency information – where to get help

Leisure centre touchscreen kiosks can be free-standing, wall or desk mounted and can be large screen or small screen depending on preference and position.
If you would like more information about how leisure centre kiosks can be used to good advantage in your leisure centre or sports facilities -give us a call today on 0330 223 2198