6 May 2019

More Efficient Hospital Departments with E-triage Kiosks

One of the main reasons why E-triage is so successful is because it has made the triage process much quicker. On average, the triage kiosk cuts triage time by half. The kiosks are able to slice so much time off … Read more

5 May 2019

Multilingual Kiosks

As you would expect, multilingual kiosks are popular with local councils, where they are obliged to provide public information in all of the commonly used languages in society. But additionally, kiosks can be used in other deployments to provide information … Read more

4 May 2019

Telehealth Kiosks

People and communities need information about health matters. Information is a powerful tool and getting valuable health information out to people helps to keep them safe and to protect them. With today’s internet society of silver surfers, social media communities … Read more

3 May 2019

How We Interact With Kiosks

The general public is so used to ‘Kiosks’ now in their day to day lives, with the new generation being brought up closely with computers and the Internet, they have no reservations about using and giving information to kiosks, and … Read more

2 May 2019

Kiosks Saving Money for Local Government

National Indicator 14 (NI14) is a government target for local councils which aims to reduce avoidable contact between the community and local authorities. Internet kiosks can help provide a framework for NI 14 to enable residents to access services, support … Read more

1 May 2019

Using Kiosks to Deliver Extended Services

With the credit crunch well and truly taking hold of council finances, more and more councils are left with the real problem of how to deliver world-beating service levels whilst at the same time keeping costs low. Taking an integrated … Read more

26 June 2019

Payment Kiosks

Payment kiosks Everyone is now familiar with paying for goods and services by credit card and contactless in supermarkets and the like. Kiosks4business payment kiosks provide a more stylish look to the facility of paying for things by card and … Read more

26 June 2019

e-triage Kiosks

Touch screen internet kiosks are increasing being used in local council buildings and the NHS for providing a range of interactive services for patients and clinical staff – where typically the incoming patient / customer is asked to fill in … Read more

26 June 2019

Garden Centre Kiosks

Touchscreens computers are a familiar sight in supermarket self-checkouts and are increasingly being used as sales resources for too. The Garden Centre Information Point Kiosks can be positioned at various locations of the garden centre where they can be used … Read more

26 June 2019

Touchscreens for Car Dealerships

Touchscreen kiosks for Car  Dealerships Car dealerships are usually large airy well kitted out places to view cars and get the feel of them as to whether you would like to own one of them. In practice, and as a … Read more

More Touchscreen Kiosk Applications