Ticketing kiosks from Kiosks4business

The are numerous applications where a ticket or label has to be printed and issued on demand and Kiosks4business ticket dispensing kiosks are built specifically to cater to this.

Many of our touchscreen kiosks have been designed from the outset to feature a ticket or label printer.  Eidos, Figur or the Wall mounted Cirio kiosks all are very capable ticket and label printing and presenting kiosks.

Typically, simple ticket printers use an 80mm wide printer. For more complex applications where the ticket is card thickness or a sticky label and / or a unique size we now have new Eidos and Figur kiosk versions specifically for custom label or ticket printing. The new kiosks able to accommodate large rolls of tickets or labels of all sizes and thicknesses where the printer can be set up to present the next ticket or label and precisely cut it ready for the next label. It means you can use a label or ticket size to suit your application with ease.  The new Eidos or Figur just makes visitor badge or entry ticket issuing and printing simple with minimal maintenance.  Great for unmanned reception areas or visitor management.

Ticket Kiosk Applications

Ticket kiosks come into their own when dealing with large numbers of people trying to enter premises or clubs or pay for entry etc. Ticketing kiosks for non complex ticket / label issuing complement manned ticketing booths by always being open, quick and uncomplicated and once paid for require little maintenance or servicing. Customer acceptability is now high where in fact customers tend to prefer the kiosk approach as quick and reliable.  Touchscreen kiosks for ticketing are now found in Airports, Cinemas, Hotels, Events, Train stations, Exhibitions, Education, Leisure operators and holiday resorts.

Main benefits of ticketing kiosks over manned booths

  • Reduce queuing times
  • quick and simple process
  • customer preference of quick and easy kiosk approach
  • Self service reception visitor badges
  • Always available including outside normal business hours
  • Enable staff to deal with more complex tasks and improve customer service
  • Offer multiple services by day/night or from each kiosk

Eidos Wheelchair Accessible Kiosk

Eidos was developed at its outset to be usable by wheelchair users as well as children and normally mobile adults. Eidos includes a choice of 19in or 22in widescreen display. The Eidos has a full suite of optional add-ons that can be integration into it (Barcode scanner, RFID reader / encoder, Chip&Pin payment, proximity detector, full audio sound, microphone, top mounted webcam). Eidos comes as standard in white with anthracite grey or your own colour scheme and your own branding.

Figur Kiosk – label and ticket printing

Figur is a small footprint slimline  touchscreen kiosk with high definition display in portrait orientation designed to fit anywhere. Equally at home with same ticketing an labelling printer as the Eidos kiosk.

Cirio Single/Dual Screen Ticketing Kiosk

Like Figur, Cirio is a slimline and narrow wall mounted touchscreen kiosk but accommodating a ticket / label printer . Cirio has the capability to have one (touchscreen) or two screens where the second screen can be used for running advertising or other messaging whilst leaving the first screen for user interaction.


All of the ticketing kiosks can be fully branded with your logo and other options

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