Touchscreen kiosks in schools – the information provision is staggering…..

Touchscreen interfaces are a familiar feature on phone, tablets and gadgets used by children and young people so it’s no surprise that if schools deploy touchscreen kiosks for information provision that the students will use them avidly.

Touchscreen Information kiosks for schools enable pupils to access a vast range of web-based information or in-school provided information just about at any time that suits them. Given the pupils aptitude for touchscreen based  gadgets it is surprising that schools have not really embraced the kiosk approach to providing information easily to everyone and the ability to update it quickly and regularly.

The schools touchscreen information kiosk can be used for a wide range of information provision for staff ands pupils alike :

  • School meals.… times, menu and check my balance
  • Learning Resources – Access to online learning resources
  • Special Needs – Help with reading and other difficulties
  • Arrivals – Check-in to school using the kiosk
  • Health information – Access to information about healthy lifestyles
  • Support – Information about drugs, mental health and sexual health
  • Bullying – Advice and support,  reporting
  • Sport & staying fit – What’s on, sports tips etc
  • exam timetables – what exam, what room, when
  • Results – in whatever way the school wants to show these
  • School policies – uniform, opening times, after hours clubs
  • parent – teacher association – meeting time, minutes
  • meet the teachers – a write up for all viewers on each teacher

In fact there is so much information in school that needs to be disseminated or that teachers, students or parents might need to find out about, that self service kiosks are the only viable way other than adding many more staff.  Touchscreen kiosks are of course by far the lower cost option of the two.

Additionally, if used in the reception area of a school touchscreen kiosks can be used for additional labour saving duties such as:

  • Visitor Arrivals – Welcome your visitors
  • Help for Parents
  • Contact a teacher
  • View Ofsted reports

The reasons for not using kiosks in schools for the above information provision is likely to be the perception that they are too expensive.

However, now that we have the smaller and robust cool looking wall mounted kiosks cost is much less a problem. The Acis, Pico and Pulse kiosks are more than affordable for schools. They also occupy so little space that several can be deployed easily together. All have robust computers and fast wifi and are longer lasting than tablets. They are also student hack proof as well.

Using our Announce24 software will enable schools to layout the information they want to show with ease and update it on the fly as they need to. One update – updates all kiosks in the network at the same time – or it’s easy to have different information on different kiosks.  With Announce24 no IT knowledge is required by the person charged with updating the information provision on kiosk and it can be done from any PC connected to the internet from anywhere (provided they have the login of course).

Hacking and inappropriate websites:  this is all taken care of in our software. Only what you want to provide is available. nobody can restart the computer, connect any USB item or Ctr-ALt-Dlt, or any other keyboard function that will allow the user to hack into the computer or go to websites outside your whitelist or disable the computer, is available

Make your school life more interesting and informative to the teachers, students and parents by fitting some touchscreen kiosks with Announce24 software. You will asking for more kiosks as the take up will be surprising.

If you would like to find out more about touchscreen kiosks for schools or would like a demo then please call us on 0330 223 2198.