Technology and equipment

At K4B we believe in the correct use of technology and creating reliable, well-built, brilliantly designed touchscreen kiosks at the right price. We design and build our own computers and monitors specifically for the kiosks they have to serve. Our kiosks are designed for longevity as individual units and with the long-term availability of replacement components in mind.

In all our kiosks, we only use industrial grade products designed for a long life. All our component assemblies are durable and have ease of service in mind. They are soak tested and quality inspected before being incorporated into kiosks and then again as a complete kiosk, for integrity of function and safety at every point. Many of our kiosks are exported to other countries where reliability and ease of service are a strong selling point of our classic designs. This helps to reinforce our customers’ trust in the design, build and reliability of our kiosks.

Powerful, custom-designed computers

The ION3 computer series powers all of our larger kiosks and has an industrial Mini-ITX computer board as its base. It is powered by sixth generation Intel chipsets which makes our ION3 range amongst the fastest and most flexible kiosk computer range produced. The ION3 range starts with the Celeron CPU but more powerful i3, i5 and i7 versions are also available – all in the same package with the same features. The ION3 computers have 6 to 8 external USB sockets, 3watt audio outputs, 12V DC power out for other kiosk accessories, external reset switch socket for remote restarting of the kiosk, 2.4/5.8GHz Wifi with dual MIMO antenna connectors. The ION3 computers have been designed such that all connectors and cables to the computer come from only one face of the computer making it easy to deploy or change the computer as needed.

The Mini-ION series of computers are K4B designed full spec micro computers for the smaller kiosks. The same level of integration, longevity of life is built into the Mini-ION computers.  Not to be confused with NUKs or low power microcomputers, the Mini-ION starts with a Celeron CPU but is also available with i3 and i5 CPUs. Fully heat controlled, and in a tiny package, it means that the smaller kiosks like Pico and Pulse can fly despite their small size. The Mini-ION computer board is an industrial PICO-ITX type with the same level robustness and longevity of life as the larger computers. It features up-to-the-minute seventh generation Intel chipsets giving the ultimate in size, performance and reliability.

Multitouch touchscreens

At K4B all our in-house designed kiosk displays are connected over DVI or Displayport cables for maximum clarity on screen with no blurring. We also only use quality multitouch PCAP touchscreens to integrate into our screen assemblies. This makes our screen assemblies some of the thinnest available compared with the commonly used “monitor style” kiosk displays.

And more…

Regarding other peripherals commonly required we use the ultra reliable Newlands barcode scanners for integrating into our kiosks. The Salto range of RFID card encoders is also a popular peripheral that is integrated into our kiosks. Proximity detectors and webcams are also regular peripherals to be added into our kiosk designs depending on customer requirement. We offer a 5Mp USB type webcam or a POE version as is required.

Passport scanners are now starting to be a requirement with in a kiosk design. The Gemalto AT10Ki is the top end design that is world renowned for performance and size.  For  lower spec requirements we have a smaller and less expensive version. In addition we have developed (with Newlands) a barcode scanner that reads the MRZ portion of a passport for straightforward ID purposes – say for hotel self service check-in etc.

In summary, we can cater for most technical needs for current self service kiosk applications – and within most of our kiosk styles.