Our beautifully-designed freestanding kiosks strike the perfect balance between form and function. If you’re looking for stylish and efficient customer-facing digital interaction, then look no further. With a vast array of options and add-ons, as well as the ability to fully-customise any of our kiosks with your own branding and colours, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.


The small footprint Panther kiosk

  • wall mounted
  • 15″ landscape screen
  • smooth curved kiosk outline design
  • LED edge lighting
  • label / barcode printer integrated
  • barcode scanner option


The HUB kiosk remodelled with a lower cost budget and greater flexibil...

  • Iconic HUB shape and size
  • landscape or portrait screen options
  • various screen sizes
  • full integration of most peripherals
  • LED upper and lower lighting
  • outer panels in aluminium
  • paint colours as required
  • other outer cladding materials as custom


The super slim version of our popular Figur kiosk

  • 21.5″ HD display 1920 x 1080
  • Highly configurable, including LED edge lighting
  • Multi touch touchscreen
  • Card reader, chip & pin, barcode reader and printer add-ons
  • Stereo audio for great sound
  • Any colour combination


Card printing, dispensing, encoding and validating kiosk - great for m...

  • 21.5″ HD display (portrait) 1920 x 1080
  • Full stereo audio sound
  • Large side cabinet for just about any card or ticket printer
  • internal receipt printer


A stylish, compact freestanding kiosk

  • Very small footprint
  • 12 or 15 inch landscape screen
  • Optional payment pod
  • Optional receipt printer
  • Will fit anywhere as an online shop
  • Customisable branding and colours


One of our most popular kiosks – tried and tested across the world

  • Available in three height variations
  • 21.5 inch HD portrait multitouch screen
  • Card reader, chip & pin, barcode reader and printer add-ons
  • Customisable branding and colours


A freestanding kiosk with a huge screen

  • 32 inch or 42 inch multitouch HD display
  • full stereo audio as standard
  • Can be used comfortably by adults, children and wheelchair users
  • Many other features as standard
  • Customisable branding and colours


The original accessible touchscreen kiosk

  • Can be used by adults and children as well as by wheelchair users
  • Standard or widescreen multitouch screens
  • Printer, card reader, barcode scanner, payment PED
  • Customisable branding and colours