Bodleian Library: a custom-built kiosk for the university of oxford

The Bodleian library suite of “kiosks” is truly a one-off just like the library. Commissioned by the library and Samsung, K4B were to design kiosks for public use to fit in with the heritage and history of The Bodleian library. No mean feat with its history from the 15th century!  Many unique design cues and material finishes were employed in the final design signed off by the Librarian team and Samsung the sponsor.

Samsung promoted K4B to design and manufacture the totally custom digital signage required for the Weston Library within The Bodleian – sponsored by Samsung. working with the traditional interior design company for the Bodleian and Samsung the K4B designs were forged blending our new technology with the wood and bronze metal and traditional design of the library.  The result is an amazing timewarp of design, tradition and new technology – to better inform the visiting public to the world famous library.

Click on the link to view the youtube video showing the library and its new technology – sponsored by Samsung, designed  and built by Kiosks4business:

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