Eidos – ticketing

The universal Eidos freestanding kiosk has found many applications and venues over the years. The ticketing version is the latest. The Eidos-ticketing has been physically beefed up to enable a front hinged door to reveal a ticketing printer and sensible sized roll of media capability.  But, to preserve the stylish design form many things have been modified on The Eidos-ticketing.
It has a larger screen at 22″ and with a shallower angle to keep the lines and proportions of the original Eidos design. Available with barcode scanner, adjustable webcam and full audio (microphone and 15W audio) the Eidos-ticketing is a very capable and stylish kiosk for visitor management applications.  The Eidos-ticketing also has a “base-booster” accessory that can be applied to the base of the kiosk to raise the whole unit by 100mm if required.

The Eidos – ticketing was a custom re-designed Eidos to be able to accept a big roll label / ticket printer in the main body of the kiosk. For this to happen the front of the kiosk had to be re-designed to hinge open to service and replace the large printer rolls. The screen has been enlarged and angled back for taller people. Full audio, including microphone has been designed in. A robust K4B designed external webcam has been fitted. An under screen 2D barcode scanner has also been designed to be noticeable by all users. Apart from these items every single part has been enlarged in proportion such that the lines of the kiosk styling are still the same but with all the modifications above. The Eidos -ticketing is very popular in the Nordic countries.

  • Dimensions
  • 22″ screen and PCAP touchscreen
  • Custom KPM180H ticketing printer
  • front door hinged on left and lockable on right
  • printer on drawer runners for ease of service
  • ION3-PULSAR celeron based computer
  • 15W stereo audio and speakers
  • USB microphone
  • 5Mp external adjustable (vertically) webcam

The Eidos – ticketing kiosk is a fairly complete kiosk in its own right, however other peripherals like RFID reader and proximity detectors can be added.

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