Ionic: the hub kiosk remodelled with a lower cost budget and greater flexibility on materials

The Ionic, the spiritual successor to the HUB kiosk. The Ionic takes the conical kiosk concept to a new dimension with different screen sizes and orientation, different materials depending on the look required. The Ionic also now beats the HUB in affordability hands down. The Ionic is designed to be a fully featured kiosk where all peripherals are integrated into the kiosk combing ultimate self service ability with the ultimate in streamlining you see in the pictures.

The IONIC kiosk is our remodelled HUB kiosk using lower cost and more lightweight materials and taking the universally liked styling to a higher level. With the remodelled design many sizes of screen are available for it in either portrait or landscape – you choose. Make a statement or be diminutive with the IONIC. The standard aluminium outer panels can be painted to your colours – upper one colour and the lower another – like the HUB – or all one colour. Alternatively, for a slightly larger budget, we can offer other material finishes to the upper and lower panel – wood veneer or copper finish for examples.   LED bottom lighting to denote the kiosk status is standard as is lighting  for each peripheral to sign to the user what they have to do next. Simple – but effective!

In the same way that the HUB was designed for self service check-in the IONIC is tailor made for the hotel industry. With the materials, paint colours and different screen sizes / orientation the IONIC can be easily styled to adapt to any hotel chain or venue where self check-in is required.

The HUB was unique – make the IONIC unique to you….

  • 17″ to 27″ screen sizes
  • PCAP multitouch touchscreen
  • ION1-PULSAR computer (Celeron CPU, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD)
  • Floor mounting design by 4 x 10mm studs
  • ethernet cable connectivity via floor with mains cable
  • Wifi not standard (option)
  • 80mm receipt printer
  • Chip & pin integration
  • RFID encoder position
  • barcode scanner position
  • Bottom LED lighting under computer control
  • peripheral lighting under computer control
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