Pulsar: integrated automatic check-in kiosk for hotel chain

The Pulsar, not so much a kiosk, more a check-in desk, again emphasises the customer requests for cool looking and stylish self service technology. The requirement time and again is for customer facing technology that is not industrial looking nor a tablet. The Pulsar fits the bill perfectly. The touchscreen “kiosk” part of the desk can be applied to any shape or size integration plate or desk furniture. All cables are hidden and the “kiosk” is LED edge lit. The Pulsar “kiosk” is available without the integration plate for mounting on any surface.

The Pulsar is a 17″ landscape screen based kiosk and integration plate design created for hotel chain automatic check-in and payment. The kiosk itself has a stylish kiosk based on the Panther design but with agreed dimensioning to suit the particular environment and hotel furniture it is to be used with. The kiosk can be attached to any shape plate or direct into hotel furniture as required. The kiosk has a full windows 10 computing platform contained, “attended” chip and pin unit attached and network webcam incorporated into the front plate. The kiosk also has LED edge lighting to make it really stand out.

The kiosk design had to be stylish and futuristic and then to have a matching integration plate, ergonomically designed for ease of use by hotel customers.

In this particular design the hotel server drives the passport scanner, RFID door key encoder, printer and also connects to the kiosk of course.


  • 17″ landscape screen
  • PCAP multitouch touchscreen
  • ION3-PULSAR computer (celeron CPU, 4GB RAM)  (see technology section)
  • 5Mp ATM style network camera
  • LED edge lighting with computer control
  • Chip&pin ped and PSU integrated into kiosk.

Integration plate:

  • Salto EC90 RFID door key encoder – and PSU
  • Gemalto AT10Ki passport and ID card scanner – and PSU
  • Star Micronics TSP800ii network printer – and PSU

The options for the Pulsar based kiosk / self service station are endless. Please call to discuss

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