Pulse: a multi-purpose touchscreen kiosk

A compact smaller kiosk and designed in response to requests for a reduced size Figur but with the same screen orientation and resolution. Enter the Pulse.  The Pulse has a 17.3” HD screen (1920 x 1080 – the same as the Figur) and can be wall mounted or desk mounted. It can be a simple touchscreen kiosk with no peripherals or a fully populated kiosk. The Pulse can accommodate a receipt printer, RFID reader, barcode scanner and Chip & Pin unit comfortable as either wall mounted or desk mounted versions.
Powered by our Mini-ION microcomputer range the Pulse has full computing power in a compact kiosk with a full peripheral range. Complementing most of our kiosk range the Pulse has discrete LED side lighting making a great style statement. The colour schemes for the Pulse can be endless with brushed aluminium desk stand to copper coloured sides or two-tone paint colours. In fact any colour scheme for your application (MOQ applies). The standard colours are satin white and textured charcoal grey. The Pulse – a lot of kiosk in a very small space.

The Pulse was designed for situations where our customers want a full featured kiosk like they had in free standing but in desktop or wall mount size. This included the same size resolution screen – 1080p.  The Pulse is the design.  The same software will fit on the Pulse screen without modification as it does on the Eidos and Figur free standing larger screen kiosks. The Pulse has been design to be flexible in what can be integrated into it.  At the simple end the Pulse can be a wall mounted slim kiosk with RFID reader for checking-in etc or at the other end can have RFID reader, chip&pin payment, printer and barcode scanner with the addition of the lower pod as shown in the pictures. The Pulse is a futuristic design and lends itself to some dramatic paint colours. It also has LED side lighting to complement to look of the kiosk.

  • Dimensions:
  • 17.3″ HD portrait screen (1920 x 1080)
  • Mini-ION-Celeron computer (4GB RAM)
    • i3 and i5 versions available (see technology section)
  • 2.4/5.8GHz Wifi
  • Audio (option)
  • 58mm receipt printer (option)
  • 2D barcode scanner (option)
  • Chip & Pin Ped (option)
  • RFID encoder / reader (option)
  • 110-240VAC operation

Most commonly used add-ons can be incorporated into the Pulse kiosk. The add-ons are incorporated into the lower “pod”still maintaining the futuristic look of the kiosk whilst integrating the desired add-ons.The top panel of the pod is hinged to be able reveal the printer and change the printer roll.

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