Digital interactive technology is redefining how we work, shop and play. Touchscreen technology is where this interaction starts.

Touchscreen kiosks are used for wayfinding, for checking-in, for payment, for information finding, for triage, and for many other things besides. Our customers and partners increasingly seek integrated touchscreen kiosks that provide freedom for their customers… Freedom from having to queue, freedom from choice-fatigue, and freedom to use services out-of-hours. Freedom means taking advantage of the simplicity of digital technology to improve many necessary daily interactions.

The diversity and range of our touchscreen kiosks continues to grow in line with the increasing numbers of organisations looking to offer their customers a highly specific combination of design and integrated features in a touchscreen kiosk.

K4B offers a large and diverse range of touchscreen kiosks, all created to balance maximum visual and tactile impact with specialised, integrated technology. And the vast majority of our customers also need something more than an off-the shelf solution. So, although our touchscreen kiosks can be purchased as standard versions, we can customise the appearance and technology to suit each individual deployment.

Furthermore, we are often approached by organisations that have been impressed by the stunning kiosks we have produced for other customers and want to explore ways to gain the benefits of K4B touchscreen kiosks for themselves.

How could you or your customers benefit from digital interaction? Take a look at our range and then talk to us about what you would like to achieve.